Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

 - by McCall


Are you thinking, “I didn’t even know Johnny Appleseed day existed…” ? Honestly, I thought that same thing until Sunday when I went to my mom’s house for dinner.

One thing that I love about my mom is that she is always looking for an excuse to have a theme party. This last Sunday we had a Johnny Appleseed themed dinner to honor Johnny Appleseed day. Just a few weeks ago we had a Chinese New Year themed dinner, complete with chopsticks, fortune cookies, stir fry, Chinese rice candy, and even traditional red envelopes.

Two of my all-time favorite theme dinners that my mom has done have been the “Y2K” dinner (we couldn’t use any electricity to cook the food or while we were eating), and when Salt Lake City had a big tornado my mom hung slinkies from the fans and everything we ate was twisted.

Anyway, back to my point– go eat some apples, make an apple pie, climb an apple tree, or do something fun today to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!



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