I love my mini. I love having a media server. I will never go back to regular TV and I can’t see how more people don’t have them. “Where is the down side?” you might ask yourself.

Downside=lots of cable mess.

Mini Mess

And that is after I routed the power and coax up behind the television, which is another story for another time.

Note to Self: Secure cables onto bent hanger well before attempting to fish them up the wall because they will fall out in the middle of the wall.

As some of you read about I have been having fun with Plexiglas lately, and I decided that all the shelves on the market weren’t deep enough so I made my own. I bought the Plexiglas and shelf supports at Lowe’s.

Mess on the Floor Drilling the holes Photophrame Putting on the supports Completed shelf

I know- I should work harder to gain some weight, but it’s just soo hard when all you want to do is sit around and have an overactive metabolism.

I decided before I started the project that if was going to put this much time and effort into changing the setup of my mini that I would make it totally seamless. To do that I would have to run all the cables connecting the mini and the TV behind the wall. Now, I have it on a good source that if they are low voltage cables that you don’t need a casing… anyone care to comment about that?? Anyway, so I wanted to work it out so that I could put these though the wall but not leave a gaping hole. While I was at work one day I noticed the hole in my desk where all the stuff for my monitor came up and a cover that went over it. Ding! So I went to Office Depot and got some. I figured that if they worked good for the desk they could work good for a wall.

Hole in the wall Starting the Bottom hole

Now you might be asking yourself- how is he making those holes… I hesitate to tell you because you will totally think I’m white trash. “Ya’ll don’t even know me! Don’t you juuuudge me!”

Note to self: Make the holes smaller than the caps and smash them in otherwise they will fall out. (I put marker on the back and pressed them to the wall to get the right size.) Then just smash them in.

Smash it in

With both of the caps in place I ran a hanger down the back of the wall to pull all the cables up.

Hanger Cables up Cables up with shelf

I was really worried about fitting all of the AC to DC converters in the back, between the TV and the wall. With the TV that I bought from dealmac.com though it was a breeze. It’s a ViewSonic and has removable pieces in the back so it all fits great.

Cables and TV

I put the TV back on the wall, hooked up the mini and now I have a sexy biznatch!